Fertilizer and Sulphur Products

Teck produces a range of chemicals, which are all recovered from our zinc and lead smelting operations in Trail, BC. Co-products help build a sustainable society.

Teck is committed to providing the highest quality products and services. Both sulphuric acid and sulphur dioxide businesses are registered and meet the ISO 9001 2008 quality system standard, and have been given kosher approval.

Teck’s fertilizer and sulphur products are available from third parties. To ensure that our products are used safely and responsibly, Teck has sold to third parties who have developed training programs that provide product, health and safety information to their customers. They, as well as Teck, have a 24-hour, seven-days-a-week emergency response phone number. Customers can contact these numbers for any product emergencies. Teck also maintains an Emergency Response Team headquartered in Trail, BC. The team is on call 24 hours a day and is available to assist customers as appropriate.