Advanced Materials

Teck delivers a variety of advanced materials for today’s and tomorrow’s high-tech applications.

For Semiconductors & Integrated Circuits: We specialize in low alpha lead materials, which are generated from our secure supply of virgin low alpha lead concentrate, and are processed in our dedicated Low Alpha Lead Plant at the Trail Metallurgical Complex. Our low alpha lead materials can be produced to customer specifications in a variety of forms, such as pure lead and lead-alloy electroplating anodes and evaporation pellets. We also deliver several complementary products, such as low alpha tin and high purity copper electroplating anodes, in order to offer our customers a single source solution. All of our products are backed by our dedicated Sales and Technical support team, our stringent material control and qualification procedures, and our ability to trace and maintain lot history and integrity.

For Thermal Interfaces: Teck has developed a unique process technology to deliver free-flowing, non-agglomerated indium powder. This enabling technology facilitates the development of an indium-based paste to be used in any high-volume liquid-dispense or screen-print environment, such as those required in thermal interface applications. Our standard product size is -100 mesh with other size fractions possible upon request.

For Solar Panels: Teck has developed novel processes for converting our metals into customized high purity metal salt solutions for use in the production of solar panels and other plating applications. We can deliver these products in a range of volumes and can readily tailor them to a particular production process.

For the Next Generation Technology: We are committed to supplying high quality advanced materials that meet the ever-changing challenges and demands of our customers and their industries. We have extensive experience in non-ferrous metal refining, metal alloying and casting, electro-winning and electro-refining, metal distillation, metal atomization, metal salt production and metal recycling. We offer these skills and our dedicated Product Development team to facilitate your product development from discovery through to prototyping and final volume manufacturing.

For more information on our current advanced material products, and for more information how we can help you develop your next technology, please contact us.